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Persona creando un blog para su negocio

5 advantages of creating a business blog

There are a lot of benefits of having a blog in your business website or ecommerce. But as many other entrepreneurs or businessmen, you may always overlook your blog, losing several opportunities of attracting leads and closing more sales.

Do not worry, you are not the only one. Thousands of companies forget about their blog and eventually gets outdated. When this happens your capacity of connecting with your target audience decreases. 

You must remember that having a blog is an optimal channel for:

  • Showing your value proposition to your audience.
  • Gaining customer loyalty by providing useful and valuable information.
  • Building a reputation as an expert in your industry.

According to OptinMonster, companies that publish in their own blog have 97% more links pointing to their websites and an average sales close rate of 14.6%, much higher than the 1.7% of outbound marketing. 

Let’s go deeper into the advantages of a business blog. Before that, let us remind you that it’s important to accomplish several requirements suggested by Google in order to gain a better position in the Search Engines and turn your blog into a lead magnet. 

Please check our next entries at Neue Studio Blog and learn more about those rules. 

Benefits of a blog

Your website or e commerce gains visibility

A website or online store always have a risk of getting lost in the vastness of internet, however, Google may help it to be shown if it has a blog that answers questions of millions of users in a fresh and valuable way.

Your domain becomes relevant

If your blog it’s important to a internet user community, probably it will be recognized by other important people like business experts, media, or influencers which will mention your blog targeting new links to your domain (www.yourbusiness.com). That’s relevant and Google appreciates it. 

Your brand earns the trust of customers

A brand may build a reliable profile through a blog which provides interesting information to people more likely to share it or recommend it, they are also more likely to subscribe to a newsletter or to buy its products or services.

Your website looks fresh everyday

A blog is the better way to keep your website updated to your potential customers and Google. This aspect is crucial if you desire your website appears among the first results in the Search Engines in order to attract new visitors and close more sales online. 

You will do online marketing as a winner

When you create incredible content for your blog, you want to share it with the world through every marketing channel your business has. And that’s perfect, the goal is bringing more readers to your posts from Google, social media, mailing delivery, and even, your ad campaigns. That’s a full inbound marketing strategy. 

Create a blog but do not exhaust yourself

Creating and maintaining a business blog is a commitment with you and your readers. Don’t search for perfection, just create content!

Make an editorial plan and save time. Follow these simple steps:

  • Write about all you really know about. Who better than you to teach us about your industry?
  • Create articles between 2000 and 3000 characters with spaces.
  • It’s enough with three or four articles a month (one per week).
  • Share your blog posts with customers and followers.
  • Keep an eye on Neue Studio tips.