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5 key actions for the digital marketing campaign of your restaurant.

In NeueStudio we have been working with the hospitality industry for many years now. In that time we’ve learned the key actions that really make a successful digital marketing campaign. Today we want to share with you some of the strategic actions that are changing the way we do marketing.

The only constant in this business is change. With the development of new platforms and non-stop innovation of the existent ones, the users are acquiring new behaviours to evaluate their consume options. In the specific case of hotels and restaurants, the change is quite big. Stop for a moment and think about how planning your vacations in the 90’s was. Very different from now, right?

All this innovation opens up a wide range of new opportunities to create content, advertise it and get in touch with the final consumer. 

  1. Listings and specialized portals

Sites and applications like TripAdvisor, Opentable and some other with a more local focus have become key at the moment of making a decision. When it’s time to choose a restaurant or hotel, the user looks for certainty and content that will eventually help them choose the best consumer experience for them. Having adequate and updated presence is necessary, but paid advertising is a great investment that allows you to be the first option of consult, and avoids you to lose visibility against the competition.

Being present and placing ads helps you to reach a great amount of users, and this give us relevant information for our strategic efforts.

  1. Google Maps, Google My Business and Local SEO.

Google Maps is without doubt the most popular tool of geolocation there is. The tool is keeping up with innovation, that’s why it added features focused on business and the discover of these.

Google Maps gets the business information thanks to Google My Business. This platform allows the companies to create a profile with detailed information of the businesses, like schedules, photos and videos. Also, you can see comments and ratings from the users. Google offers visibility of your establishment and also in search consults, with all this your business can easily be discover. To validate your profile make sure your customers leave opinions, ratings and content in your profiles.

  1. Search Engine Market

Search engine marketing is one of the most popular practices due to the rapid impact that has on the businesses and the relevancy on the users. The effectivity is so high that many small and medium companies have a part of its budget intended to maintain this practice. 

Let’s be clear, the platform doesn’t resolve everything by its own, it needs help, you need to have a strong presence as a brand and a good keyword strategy. A proper configuration of keywords helps you to optimize your budget and to compete in the search consult.

Google Ads is an entire universe of possibilities and configurations. We recommend you to reach an expert to get a good campaign design that will help you to use your resources in a better way. Our advice: be creative with the keywords and develop a mix of ads to cover the attributes of your business, taking into consideration the interest of your target audience.

  1. Custom Audiences

Popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the platforms of Google Ads allows the creation of custom audiences for ad distribution. Custom audiences can be created from database or from information of the users who visit your website (you’ll need to have Pixel and Google Analytics for this). 

One of your main goals when making digital marketing actions must be get information from your consumers and prospects. A great marketing strategy must built their audiences and plan their retarget campaigns. Retarget campaigns with complementary ads elevate the interest in your business and can help to turn prospects into customers.

  1. Content is still the king

Being present in multiple platforms and use different media is really important, but the key of all effective communication is to have relevant content that makes the user choose you. Good content allows you to keep a conversation with your audience, the content must be present in the whole process of brand interaction, and like all good conversation must be clear, relevant and strategic

The company needs to understand the concerns of the consumers and always be aware that what is relevant for a group of users may not be for another. It’s important to create a mix of content that focuses on the interest of each group, specially the bigger ones. Look for attractive, easy to understand content that make your strenghts look even better. 

You don’t need to make daily content, remember quality over quantity. If your company makes a great effort in having content you need to focus in attracting your audience attention to achieve a better impact. If you seek perfection, be aware that the relevance of the information is what really matters. Keep creating and not be scared of making mistakes, production before perfection. 

The range of the marketing tools you can use to advertise your business are a lot, but you need to find the right one for you. Go beyond social media and conventional marketing, we are sure that these simple key actions will help you to achieve better impact results. 

Don’t waste your resources and talk to the professionals.

If you have any questions or something to share with us, we’ll love to read you. Leave your comments down below and keep an eye on our next entries.