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Características de un blog para triunfar en Google

Blog features: make the most of it

Keeping in mind these blog features can be the difference between attracting or not the right potential customers in search engines

Blogs are fantastic due to their democratic nature –everyone can publish their blog to share stories, tips, recipes, poems, etc–; beyond that, they have great use as part of your marketing efforts. Because they work as channels to contact and attract internet users to your business website/e-commerce

On 5 Advantages of Creating a Business Blog, we highlighted the power of blog posts to gain digital presence on search engines

Now we’ll tell you which features a blog has to have so that Google “robots” can identify and show your content to internet users that are looking for the knowledge that you have or the product that you sell. 

These basic notions play a bigger role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A world in the content marketing universe on which we will be glad to guide you through.

The blog features on detail

A blog pays attention to real concerns

Writing is an incredible activity. Everyone should write a book just for pleasure. However, when you create a blog to make your brand known in the digital world, you need to make your way through using the conversations that move the planet forward

Google Trends is a perfect tool that lets you know which are the subjects internet users are engaging with every day. And it gives you the chance to collect data about the relevance of your industry, product, or service using what users are searching for. 

Other tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, KWFinder or Google Ads Keyword Planner help you identify which are the words the internet users type on search engines when they need to satisfy a concern or buy something. These are the famous keywords

A good practice in blogging is to write your text around your main and related keywords, all of them associated with what people are searching for, what you know and what you offer.

Check the upcoming blog entries of NeueStudio, we’ll give you tips on how to search for keywords and how to work with them. 

A blog is fueled by subjects you master

Create blog content in a natural manner, with what is familiar to you and your everyday activities.

If your brand, products, and services reflect your passions and the subjects you master as an expert, your website/e-commerce blog turns into an encyclopedia nurtured with valuable information ready to attract and win the hearts of internet users thirsty to learn about it. 

How will you know if users are searching for what you know and offer? By looking at the keywords and the search volume for each word in a certain period of time.

A blog has a clear structure

Everything in the world has order and structure, even writing styles.

Understanding this sentence is truly important when writing your blog entries because the better your information is organized, the better your readers and Google robots will understand what you are trying to convey.

Good blog writing takes into account the following aspects:
  • A title that is persuasive for your target audience. Capable of answering their concerns. 
  • Subtitles to organize your subject hierarchically. They are known as headers and are marked as H1, H2, H3 in your word processor. H1 has the highest in the hierarchy.
  • Short paragraphs with clear and conclusive sentences.
  • A main keyword, related keywords, and synonyms must appear in your title, subtitles, and all over the text in a fluid and organic way.
  • Your text must be written for the reader and their concerns. Do not exceed the use of keywords or the text will look false, made only for Google approval.
  • References: as the journalists quote their sources, you may quote the sites where you took additional information. Use links. Also, quote your own past entries using links.
  • Insert pictures that weigh less than 1 MB. Don’t forget to include an alt text for each image using the keyword on it.
  • Check the entry SEO rating. If you have your blog allocated on WordPress, use the Yoast SEO tool. It will guide you through the steps to improve your text in order to make it SEO friendly. 
More tips soon

The art of blogging as a marketing tool and to develop SEO strategies is an incredible topic. Doing it well, however, requires technique and experimentation.

Keep an eye out for new NeueStudio posts –we publish one entry each Wednesday– and learn with us about new tools and techniques that will help you boost your marketing in the hyper-digital era.