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Características de una landing page: lo que debes saber

Characteristics of a spectacular landing page: Check them out!

Alejandro Elizondo, CEO of NeueStudio, tells us what are the characteristics of a landing page made to attract more and better potential customers. Read about it here.

In the world of digital marketing, landing pages are very handy, and with good reason. Creating one considering the elements that we list here makes the difference between a closed sale and a lost customer.

If you want your customers to buy, leave their data to receive more information about your business, or choose your product over the competition, take this into account.

What is a landing page?

It is, as its name indicates, the place where customers who are looking for a specific answer to their needs land.

There are many types since their use and design depend on your conversion objective and the stage in which the user is in their “purchase journey”.

How is it different from a web page?

The difference may not be that clear to the user, but in advertising, it represents an important distinction.

  • A landing page has its own characteristics and is designed according to the customer it is aimed at and the conversion it is seeking to achieve.
  • A web page contains general information about the company and is not personalized.
  • Within a web page, there are landing pages, for example, the “contact” section allows the user who is looking for more information to get in contact with the company.

What is its purpose?

Landing pages are used to drive targeted conversions.

A conversion can be that the user fills a form with their information (the famous leads), that they subscribe to your newsletter, that they complete a purchase, or any other measurable objective.

In e-commerce, landing pages are commonly used to present a product. For example, if you have a furniture e-commerce store and you are going to launch a new line of products, you will want to make them stand out and convert the actions of your customers into purchases.

In this case, a landing is created where the products, their characteristics, their price, all the information that allows your client to know everything about the new line is available. There should also be a way for clients to buy these new products easily.

What you want to achieve with this page is to raise the interest of your customers by highlighting the information that is not on your existing website.

The objective of a landing page is to extend your communication and, with it, the possibility of generating conversions.

Here are the characteristics of a successful landing page.
The main goal of a landing page is to help you get potential customers.

Characteristics of a successful landing page

The first step in creating your landing page is to recognize where your customer is in the user journey.

If they are in an evaluation stage, it means that they are looking for and discovering options. This is where you want to attract the customer to get to know your product for the first time.

So in your landing, you must include all the information that you think will answer the customer’s questions about your product. For example, what benefits does your client obtain with your product, what are its characteristics, which of their problems do you solve, and so on.

If a group of people is in an evaluation stage, it means that they are already determined to buy a specific product and are only comparing brands to find the one that best meets their needs.

In this case, the conversation you create on your landing page is different. You must tell the customer why your product is the best for them and what are the characteristics that make your product stand out from the competition; you should highlight your differentiators.

If the person is in the action stage, they are ready to make their online purchase of the product they were looking for. What you need to do for this customer is to take them to a site where they can land and make their transaction quickly and efficiently.

Here, you can include promotions such as discounts or add some other product as a “gift” after purchase.

The fundamental aspect that we must keep in mind when creating landing pages is that its objective is to delve into the stage in which the consumer is at.

We want to provide information specific to their needs.

Is there an essential element?

The fundamental element is the call to action (CTA) since without it there will be no way to complete the conversion.

The call to action invites you to fill out a form or click on a subscription or sale button. Your call to action will depend on the stage in which your consumer is at and the objective of your landing page.

You must also include multimedia content, be it images, videos, or both. Add all the multimedia content that helps your client take an action.

Other characteristics of a successful you have to take into account

  1. The content of your landing page must be clear and become a guide for your client to understand what is being offered.
  1. It should offer an accessible way to get in touch with your business or company, be it with forms, calls to action, links to social networks, or integrated chats.
  1. One of the key characteristics of a landing page is its performance: it is very important that it loads well and fast. It must also adapt to different resolutions such as mobiles and tablets.
  1. The most important thing is to generate traffic on your page. To do so you must integrate the link of your landing in your social media campaigns or in your Google campaigns.
  1. Continually update your landing pages, and don’t be afraid to try multiple versions to see which one is the most successful. For example, use two different formats to research which CTA button placement is driving the most conversions (A / B testing).
Landing pages are an essential element of digital marketing campaigns.
Happy with the results?

What are some landing pages that NeueStudio has created?

At NeueStudio we have created several, specifically for restaurants and hotels.

One of them was for the Jal by Hueso restaurant, which is located in the 1970 Hotel, here in Guadalajara.

We found that many people wanted to make a reservation and see the menu, but this information was not available on the hotel website.

Since the restaurant is part of the Hilton hotel chain, there was not much flexibility to add more information to this site.

That is why we decided to create a landing page that would answer what the customer was looking for. We added information about the restaurant, about the chef, we included the menu with photographs of each dish and its price. We created forms for the client to contact the restaurant and make a reservation.

This is an example of a landing page that may sound simple but it has all the characteristics that meet the needs of customers and generate conversion.

Characteristics of a landing page, in summary:

  • A landing page digs deeper into a specific piece of information and informs your customer in a specific way.
  • Their goal is to generate conversion. Whether your client completes a purchase, subscribes to your mailing, or contacts you.
  • Your landing must be in tune with the stage the customer is in on their shopping journey. Each represents a different intention.
  • You must include a measurable call to action according to the objective you want to achieve.
  • Renew your landing pages constantly and don’t be afraid to try until you find the most successful one.

With the fundamental characteristics of a landing page in your hands, you can now go ahead and create your own. If you have a question you can always contact NeueStudio. Good luck!