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Digital Marketing vs Covid-19

Right now we are passing through a global pandemic that is affecting the ways that we all behave. Our customs are radically changing, but what does this mean for digital marketing? In this blog entry, we will talk about the impact of COVID-19 on digital marketing, what it will bring for its future, and what opportunities will arise from it.

Due to the pandemic, a large number of people go out on the streets less and stay more in their homes. This means that there are fewer people who can see the ads and billboards on the streets, and there are many more people consuming content online. Bringing an opportunity for digital marketing. There has been an increase in the use of streaming platforms, social networks, video games, online stores, and delivery services for food and other products. But at the same time, there has also been less interest in buying non-essential products, such as luxury items, online. However, the more frequent use of social media and other digital platforms offers a great opportunity for all companies in the digital marketing area.

Consumers are spending more time on their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, which gives all kinds of companies the opportunity to find their potential customers and advertise their products or services in order to sell more. How will they achieve this? Through digital marketing, the one in charge of finding the best target market and the ideal platforms to create ads for the product or service and turn it into sales. This is why digital marketing may be more needed now. And building a strong foundation of good digital marketing for your company now could pay off in the future when this pandemic ends.

How will the pandemic change the future of digital marketing? Although the pandemic brings with it an economic crisis that will recover gradually, the behaviors that consumers are acquiring will remain a habit. Such as online shopping, the use of social networks to keep in touch, and the use of platforms for entertainment. For digital marketing, this represents a great opportunity to continue advertising more and successfully on online platforms. It will also be important to assess changes in consumer habits and needs during and after the pandemic. The way consumers search and buy is likely to be different from what we knew, as the world will now consume more easily online. Marketers should focus on creating different strategies to reach and create a sale with these new types of user personas. 

In difficult times like these, digital marketing must continue to do what it does best: adapt. We recognize that finding what your business needs in times of crisis is a difficult task. That is why NeueStudio is here to help you create the best digital marketing strategy for your company to prosper now and in the future. Contact us for any questions or comments! We are here to help you.