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Every crisis creates an opportunity. Is your business online?

Lately, we’ve been trying to look at the positive side of things. Working at home has allowed us to grow that garden we’ve always wanted to; we have learned how to cook now that restaurants are closed; since we can’t go to social events or concerts we’ve gotten closer to our family and started making calls again. Looking at the bright side of things helps us get through tough times, but it also lets us take the opportunities that these extraordinary and sometimes tragic events offer. 

One of the many aspects that this Coronavirus pandemic has created, is a change in consumer habits, specifically, in electronic commerce or e-commerce. Recent statistics show that the e-commerce of some primary necessities has increased by up to 552%. Due to this, corporate giants like Amazon are getting ready to hire a massive amount of personal to cover the growing demand. 

The reason for this increment in e-commerce is not that there is more money circulating than before (it’s sadly the opposite). It means that a great part of society is changing their consumption habits. People are now breaking down their old habits and learning how to use online platforms. Remote buying through mobile apps or websites will increasingly become the norm due to the situation we are living in. 

Having an e-commerce is the best way of keeping your commerce active and selling while we are in quarantine, but it will also remain this way when it is over.  If you don’t have an e-commerce yet, it’s time for you to get to know it and to learn what benefits it will bring you. If you already have an e-commerce, when was the last time you evaluated and improved it? Get in touch with us, we have proven experience in these types of projects and we know how to tackle it. 

We are here to listen to you, and remember that there’s no harm in asking.