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Faceook Ads: campañas para tu nuevo negocio

Facebook Ads: creating campaigns for your business.

Are you starting out and want to enter the world of digital advertising, specifically, in Facebook Ads and its campaigns?

Excellent! Because if 2020 has taught us something, it is that, whether we like it or not, the digital world is the lifeline of every business, whether it be to generate exposure, visits or sales.

Facebook Ads is, perhaps, the friendliest way to start creating advertising campaigns for your business on social networks.

It is very important that as an entrepreneur you understand how ads work. This way you will have a better idea of ​​the results you will get according to the promotion model.

On the other hand, when hiring a digital marketing agency, you will know what to ask for and what to expect from your paid digital campaigns.

That’s why we wrote this starter guide for Facebook Ads for you.

But let’s pause for a moment. Before moving on, analyze if your business will benefit from this means and for that, we invite you to read another of our articles: On which Social Networks should my business be on?

Entrepreneur creating ads using Facebook Ads for her business.
Creating campaigns for your business on Facebook Ads is the easiest in the world of digital advertising.

What do you want to achieve with the ads?

If you have already decided that Facebook is the ideal channel to reach the users you want, then you have to think about what the objective of your ad is:

    • Brand recognition: focuses on showing your ad repeatedly to the segment of users you choose, to generate a memory or top of mind.
    • Consideration: focus on generating actions on your ad, not repetition. That is, that a user interacts with the content (or ad), that it goes to your website, that it responds to an event or likes your Fan Page.
    • Conversions: focuses on generating actions on your products or services, that is, a user completes a purchase or form on your website, purchases a product from your Fan Page catalog or physically goes to your point of sale.

Align your campaigns to the sales funnel

The most natural process for a venture is to consider each objective as an advertising stage:

    1. The first objective of Facebook Ads campaigns is to make the name and attributes of the business known so that users will recognize it after a while.
    1. The following campaigns must promote interactions and interest in the business to finally generate a conversion.
    1. Ultimately, campaigns are focused on driving conversions, but this process depends on the nature of the business, your offering, and your budget. You should consider that the most valuable action (the conversion) is usually the most expensive in an advertising investment.

Here you can read in detail about the objectives and types of campaigns offered by each one.

Every entreprenuer must start with Facebeook Ads.

Facebook Ads level 1: campaigns on the Promote button

If you already have a Fan Page, then you may have noticed that when you publish your post, Facebook shows you the Promote Post button, this is the quick way to boost a post.

You will find a very friendly dashboard with the key points of every promotion:

    • Segmentation: this is the fundamental pillar of your advertising, you have to take the time to choose and explore ages, locations, genres and interests that are related to your target audience. You can’t use open targeting, this is a waste of money.
    • Duration: you have to define how long you want your ad to be in circulation.
    • Total budget: be careful, here you assign what you want to spend and depending on the time you have chosen, it will be the estimated daily results that Facebook Ads will give you.
    • Location: this refers to the channels where your ad will be displayed, in this dashboard, it only allows you to choose the Facebook and Instagram feed, as well as Messenger.
    • Payment method: here you can enter a bank card.

The good and the bad of these campaigns

Pro ‘s: this dashboard is very simple, the platform will create an advertising account associated with your personal profile, from where you are doing the promotional campaigns and will allow you to control the most important pillars of Facebook Ads.

You can see the results in the left column of your Fan Page, in the Ad Center section, where you can also stop them at any time.

Con’s: this tool will only allow you to make Interaction campaigns with your posts, which correspond to the objective of consideration.

Segmentation and locations are also very limited, so you’ll be dealing with the basics that this robust platform offers.

Facebook Ads level 2: campaigns in the Business Manager

If you want to get fully involved with a Business Manager and run Facebook Ads campaigns from an administrator with all the tools, you can find a lot of information on the Facebook for Business page.

Also, you can approach a professional to guide you and explain all the relevant settings. This is where you contact a digital marketing agency like neuestudio.mx to help you get the most out of your favorite platform.

But, as we said before: it is great that you practice and know the basics of digital advertising with Facebook Ads. Promotion campaigns run every day, on all platforms, but this is the best place to start.