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Finding your target audience

You’ve probably heard it many times, even read it in our blog posts many times, and may already know a little about what a target audience is. But in this blog post, we will dig deeper into what a target audience is and how to define it.

Knowing your target audience in order to reach them better is one of the most important marketing strategies. Knowing who you want to reach will help you sell more and create stronger brand awareness.

Where should I start? Well, first of all, you have to know what you are selling or providing. Define exactly what you are offering to your clients and know what value you offer. This will help you understand better what kind of clients you should be looking for. If you have a vague idea of what you sell but don’t really know the benefit of your product, you won’t be sure who will really be interested in buying your product. Hence, you will sell less.

Great, on to the next step. So what is a target audience? Your target audience is the group of customers you want o specifically sell to. This group of people is characterized by their demographics, ages, gender, employment status, hobbies, income, and the life cycle they are currently at. Why do you need to know this? It will help you understand how they make their purchasing decisions; therefore, you will be able to use the correct words and images that will get your client to buy what you are selling.

So think about what age range your target audience is at. Are they 12 to 17-year-old teens? Or are they 35 to 50-year-old adults? Consider their average income so you can choose what qualities of your product you should highlight. Think about the stage of life cycle they are at. Are they newlywed couples? Or are they adults who just retired? You should also consider their hobbies so that you can create content that seems interesting to them according to what they like.

If you have your business already established, take a look at who are the people already buying from you. This will help you determine the characteristics of the target audience you are looking for. There is nothing better than getting to know the people that are already interested in your product so that you can find more people like them.

Where else can you find more about your audience? With website and social media analytics of course! These will help you visually see who the people that are interested in you are. You can easily see their ages, gender, likes, and more. So be sure to take a look at your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more social media analytics.

Awesome, what next? Look at your competition. Research about the brands that are your biggest competitors. This will help you answer some key questions, as said by Christina Newberry from Hootsuite: Are your competitors going after the same audience segments as you are? Are they reaching segments you hadn’t thought to consider? How are they positioning themselves? Analyzing who your competition is targeting and how they are doing it, will help you see if their strategies are successful.

You’ve done it! Know you know how to find your target audience and are ready to start creating a successful marketing campaign. Need more help? At NeueStudio we are more than happy to help you reach success. Contact us and together we will start creating the perfect strategy to reach your target audience.

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