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Great copywriting goes a long way

Having good copy for your designs, posts, websites or anywhere else can be the difference between being good and being great. And the truth is that you don’t even have to be an expert, or a copywriter, to write great copy that engages with your audience. A lot of people tend to think that design is far more important than copy, but in reality, both copy and design have to be good in order to attract your audience.

Writing copy that is effective is art and science at the same time. It is an art because it requires for you to be creative and to use persuasion in a meaningful way. It is also science, because no copy is perfect at the first try, to find what works best for you, you have to test, find the errors and improve. There are certain steps that will let you create a better copy for your content, we will share them with you on this post.

Who are you talking to?

As the first rule of everything market related, you have to know your audience in order to offer them your products or services in the best way possible. Great copy doesn’t just talk about what you do or offer, it takes into account who you are offering it to. It is not the same to offer a bowl of pasta to a generation z teen who is full of energy and loves a great taste and explosive flavors than to offer the same bowl of pasta to a generation x adult who takes care of their cholesterol and cares about quality ingredients. So research about your audience, what they like, what type of language they use, what type of writing gets their attention, what they look for in products, etc.

What do you have to offer?

To get your audience more engaged with your content you have to just no talk about your product, but why its the better product, what makes your product special and amazing. Yeah, we now that you sell a broom with an ergonomic hold that will make sweeping easier. But, why don’t you tell us about how fast and painlessly you’ll be sweeping and how you’ll now have more free time because cleaning won’t take as long? You have to talk about the feelings and the great results that your product or service will give to your client. The point is trying to find that special something that will make you stand out, even though you are selling hamburgers like thousands of restaurants, why is yours special if you offer the same ingredients?

You can make your task of finding how you will stand out easier, by looking at what your competition is doing and how they are sending out their message. Who is their audience? How do they communicate with them, what words do they use? The point is not being generic and giving your brand a personality.

You need persuasion

You already know who your audience is and have figured out how to make your product or service stand out. Now you have to make your audience take action. Maybe you want them to go to your restaurant, or to buy a new toy, or to subscribe to your newsletter. Evoke emotion that will bring your audience to click on your website to buy a new toy. It is very important to take into consideration that you are writing a copy to generate an action from your client. So don’t just get caught up in describing how great your product is, make your audience want to do something. 

What about length?

Now you may be wondering, how long should my copy be? Well, the answer is that it depends and that you have to do trial and error. Maybe just telling your audience that your chicken wings have the best flavor and incite them to go to your restaurant is enough, but maybe you have to tell them that there’s a special discount on your menu. In this case, you might want to write more about how the discount works, so a longer copy is okay. Don’t stress about finding the perfect length, just look at what is working best with your audience and keep doing it. But you also have to remember that not everything will work forever, so try new ways of writing and different lengths after some time. Look at what other brands are doing, what the new trends are, and this will help your content look fresh and in style. 

We now creating the best copy can be hard, that’s why we are here to help you out. Contact us, and we’ll create a great content strategy that involves great copy. Don’t be afraid to ask us about copywriting or about any other marketing-related topic.

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