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How to create the most effective campaign for Facebook Ads?

Facebook has become one of the main giants of online advertising. The great variety of tools it offers to connect with different audiences in the most natural way possible, as well as its incredible targeting capacity, help your ads to have a greater reach than what you had in mind.

There’s no manual to know exactly what will and what won’t work within your campaign, but there are a number of key elements to take into account that can guarantee the success of your strategy. When you’re creating your campaign, it’s normal to think that the more detailed our target is, the audiovisual pieces are very elaborate or the copy says exactly everything we want; our results will be better.

However, it’s not always like that. Sometimes it’s better not to spend as much time on launching, but during execution. It’s better to improve it based on the first results you get. This helps you verify what works and with whom to optimize resources. Many times in digital marketing we forget a basic principle of life: less is more.

Another very useful tip is to use different ad formats, since the Facebook algorithm favors those who use different types of ads. In addition, this is an excellent way to analyze what your audience responds best to and be able to replicate it in future campaigns. Knowing which format works best with the product you are advertising guarantees the efficiency of your campaigns.

It may sound obvious, but it’s vital that your ad is visually appealing. Facebook is full of texts, but in reality, it’s a social network in which users prioritize the visual. They are overwhelmed with loads of content all the time, so it’s essential that your ad is clear and its design grabs the attention of your audience in seconds.

Lastly, and most important, you have to make sure that your value proposition is relevant. It is common for us to focus all our efforts on segmenting and personalizing audiences to try to reach the right people, or to spend a lot of resources making the overall presentation of the ad amazing. But the reality is that none of this will work if we are not able to describe to the user the benefits of our product or service. Make sure your ad highlights the main features that set you apart from your competition.