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Dale a la atención al cliente en redes sociales la importancia que merece

Improve your social media customer service

Although the role of social media as a customer service channel is not often talked about, it does represent a very important aspect.

Because your social media profiles are public on any platform you have to be prepared to receive positive comments as well as complaints and questions. This why it’s necessary that you establish a response plan to what your clients have to say.

Having a customer service system on all your social media will provide you with several benefits.

The quality of customer service on social media matters

Social media customer service helps you to increase your sales.

Social media customer service improves your reputation

If your clients have a bad customer service experience, they will surely make their discontent public and will stop consuming. And nobody wants that, right?

When a client is pleased with the attention that your business provided, 71% of them will tell many others about their experience.

Seven out of ten customers that are happy with your customer service will publish something positive about your business, which is great because this will become a place to generate leads.

Social media customer service gives you feedback

This is important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, as well as to consider the aspects your business can improve to meet market demands.

Lastly, the loyalty bonds between you and your consumers will strengthen.

Social media customer service: everything you need to know as an entrepreneur.

How to improve your social media customer service?

Rapid Response

Most customers prefer to use social media to communicate with businesses because they are faster channels than phone or email.

It’s your job to respond rapidly. Although we can’t be on the lookout for messages and comments the whole day, it is recommended to answer as fast as possible.

Neglecting this aspect can severely damage your brand. That’s why this task is usually delegated to the Community Manager.

Brand voice and tone

We’ve already talked about how important your brand voice and tone are. When it comes to customer service on social media it is crucial that our communication is in tune with it.

If your brand voice is always present, your communication will be coherent and you will generate trust.

Messages with personalization

Your client wants to be recognized and personally attended. Whenever you resolve doubts or comments, be sure to do it as humanly as possible.

Greet them using their name, if you have a record of it. “Hello (name) thank you for contacting us”

Make them feel heard and that their opinion is important. Use a human and never robotic language so that your customers know that they are talking with someone they can empathize with and not with a machine.

Be positive with complaints

When customers contact your business with a complaint, stay calm, treat them with respect, and send a positive message.

Be transparent and realistic about their complaint resolution time and the steps they need to take until completion.

Make sure you understand what your customers need and think carefully about how you will respond to their comments.

When a client writes in a serious and formal way, even if your brand language is jovial and casual, respond in the same way, it is the most prudent to do so.

Do not hide or remove negative comments. It is preferable to reply to these messages with a solution. This way, your audience will know that you listen to everyone and that your customer service model in social networks is real and reliable.

Answer positive messages

Thank those who comment positively about your brand. All of them should know that they are heard in good times and in complaints.

You should also respond to sarcastic and funny messages. The users that start a conversation with your brand tend to be more loyal to it and to recommend it.

Renew your customer service on social media now

If you follow these tips, we assure you that your social media customer service will improve and you will see the benefits of it.

Learn more about good digital marketing practices in our blog. Do you have doubts or want to implement this in your business? At NeueStudio we are here to help you, contact us!