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Marketing funnel and why it’s so important

In the modern world marketing services are more important than ever. Today’s market is very competitive and companies are measured in the local and global contexts. Strategic communication is key to the success of any company. It’s so important that is is also the reason for its abundance. 

Right now you can find a lot of digital marketing agencies that promise to make your business successful. We know how difficult choosing a supplier can be,  it’s a leap of faith and trust because a marketing agency acts as the link between you and your clients. There are a lot of factors to choose between agencies, like pricing, trajectory, and quality. But, one important aspect that we must not forget is transparency.

In NeueStudio we know exactly what transparency means. It’s clarity in the process, expenses and of course in the results. Our favorite way to do this is with the marketing funnel. A tool that helps us plan your strategy and also helps you as a client to have a better understanding of our actions.

If you want to know how we use this conceptual tool, just keep reading. 

Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is the conceptualization and visualization of a series of actions designed to create a business or purchase opportunity. Its structure has different stages, and its main function is to be a filter between users and potential clients with buying intention. Each different stage allows the classification, qualification, and preparation of each user to achieve the final transaction. 

On the awareness stage, the main goal is to help your audience have the first contact with your product or service. This stage is the beginning of the project, it involves investigation, market research, the activation of digital platforms and ad campaigns. For the clients, these actions are reflected in impressions and reach, meaning the people who are getting your information. In this stage, you can learn about your users, experiment with demographics and expand to the people you wanna reach. It’s a stage designed to reach out and get to know the limits.

The next stage is interaction, this is the first filter of the funnel. Our mission here is to transform information into actions, in other words, the impressions and reach must become interactions. When this happens we analyze the nature of these actions and the interest of each buyer. 

Once we understand your audience through interactions we are ready to implement retargeting strategies. The third stage, consideration, is way more direct, it takes into consideration the interest of the user. This involves inbound marketing and targeted content. All this helps you create leads that will eventually end up consuming your product or service. 

Action is the last stage of the filter and notices the users with buying intentions. These are the users who make regular visits to our platforms, social media or even ask for information. They are the most important, as they are the ones who need just a little push to make a transaction. 

Finally, for the last stage, our goal is to make the transaction as easy as it can be. We make the process seamless, by choosing the right payment method and design to make the user experience remarkable. If the payment process is fast and simple, the user feels safe and there’s a better chance that they will return. 

It sounds simple and it is because we have the experience and we know how to do it. Each stage involves many actions that make your digital strategy successful. Translating these series of complex tasks to easy to understand metrics is where the success of the marketing funnel lies.

We know marketing and we know transparency. So choose to work with an agency that gives you the real information, that helps you understand how your clients behave and what will ultimately make them become your consumers. 

We are convinced that this is the best way of working together. Ask us about anything, we can help you and your company by creating a digital strategy tailored to your necessities.