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¿En cuántas redes sociales dbe estar presente mi negocio? Es la pregunta del millón y aquí la responderemos.

On which social networks should my business be on?

Knowing on which social networks to be on is the million dollar question: the one that all those who want to introduce their business or company to the world of social networks ask themselves.

Certainly, being present on all social networks does not mean success in the digital world: it is advisable to choose which ones to be present in and on which ones not in order to obtain the expected results. Quality is always better than quantity.

In this blog entry we will guide you on how to choose which social networks and on how many your business or company should be on.

Should my business be on TikTok or not?

Your first thought was probably: “I must be on all social networks because this is how I can reach more people.”

This sounds logical, however, being on all social networks would mean keeping all those accounts active, posting regularly and interacting with fans daily.

If you were to do this, you would probably realize that on some social networks you would have a lot of interaction (likes in posts, comments, shares, etc.) while on other accounts you would have little or nothing.

This is because the most efficient way to reach your target audience is to be present only on the social networks in which they interact the most. You do not need to be present on all social networks, only those that bring you closer to your customers.

As we said at the beginning: quality is much better than quantity. If you were present on all social media platforms, you probably wouldn’t have the time to make quality content that would appeal to your audience.

The best decision is to only be on the social networks you need, creating content that captures the attention of others and helps increase the value of your brand.

On which social networks should my business be on? We have to know who and where your target audience is in order to answer accurately.
On which social networks should my business be on? We have to know who and where your target audience is in order to answer accurately.

Choosing on which social networks to be on

Think about your target audience

As we already mentioned, the first thing you need to do to choose on which social networks to be on is knowing which are the social media networks where your audience is active.

Find out if your clients are using more Instagram or if they spend most of their time on Twitter. Identify on which of these social networks they tend interact more on (likes, comments, share, etcétera.)

It’s likely that your clients are on various social networks but interact more on some than on others. This is very relevant when you are making a decision, because you need your audience’s attention as well as their actions in favor of your brand.

Define the objectives of your social networks

Not all social networks serve the same purpose. If your business sells clothing, your clients or potential buyers probably want to see product photographs. For this, you need a social network whose main objective is to show images. You guessed it right: Instagram is the best option.

On the other hand, if you have a service company, you may want to be on a social network where you can share information that people from other companies can easily find. If this is the case, the best social network is LinkedIn.

You should also consider what you want to obtain with your social networks. Do you want to strengthen your branding, promote events and offers, or strengthen your customer service? This is important because for each objective there is a network. Each of them has a different approach.

What is my competition doing and on which social networks are they?

We’ve already mentioned in other posts what the benefits of social networks are. One of them is the ease with which you can analyze your competitors.

An important fact that this type of analysis provides is recognizing where your target customers are. You can also collect important information like: what is the competition doing in terms of content? What do they share? How often do they publish?

Answering these questions will not only help you define in which social networks you should be on, but also what type of content you should share and how you should manage these social networks to achieve your goals.

Think about your resources

After following these steps, you should already know in which social networks your business or company must be on. However, there is something very important that we have not yet considered. What are your resources?

If you are going to manage the social networks of your company or business, consider that this will take time. Check how much availability you have for this task.

In case you have little time to address the task, be cautious with the amount of social networks you intend to manage.

It is much better to have profiles on few social networks and publish valuable content constantly than to be on many social networks that bring very little value to their audience.

You have defined on which social networks to be on

Now that you have clear which social networks are the most convenient, you will create a profile for your company or business. The next step is to start creating your content calendar.

At NeueStudio we are experts in managing social networks: we select the ones that best fit your brand and create content so that will be relevant for your customers. Contact us and we will help you create a successful social media plan.