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Pinterest para empresas y las mil oportunidades para tu negocio

Pinterest for businesses: add it to your digital strategy

Have you heard about Pinterest? Do you want to know if it is a good place for the success of your business? Well, you’re in the right place, in this post we’ll explain the ins and outs of Pinterest for businesses.

Social media can help you close sales, increase your brand presence, and find potential customers in the digital realm.

But as we mentioned in our entry: how many social networks should my business be on?, you must identify which of these channels are the right ones for your business.

Being on all platforms without a strategy will not give you any advantage. That is why we give you the data about who uses Pinterest and for what purposes. So you can decide if your target audience is there.

Pinterest for business: discover this amazing world
¿Is Pinterest the right social media for your business?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network like Facebook and Instagram, but with specific and different characteristics.

The platform defines itself as “a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and much more.”

This social network is based on images, videos, and infographics. Each of these elements are known as pins and contain the link to the source web page of the visual content. This is how this platform helps create great referral traffic.

Pins are organized in sets or groupings called boards. For example, a user can search on Pinterest for dessert recipes and save the pins that interest him the most in a board called “desserts.”

A user can create many different boards to save sets of similar ideas. There are no rules, users create their boards as they wish.

Pinterest also allows users to follow other profiles. This way, they can see the boards and pins that others have saved, react to them, comment, and add photos to the pin.

This social network also works as a search engine. It allows the user to search for words or topics of their liking and find relevant pins regarding this search.

Who uses Pinterest?

Pinterest mentions that 442 million people use this social network every month. Where 60% of its global audience is represented by women, while male users increase almost 50% every year.

Other interesting facts about Pinterest are:

  • 98% of users say they try new things they find on Pinterest
  • 89% of users use the application for inspiration when making a purchase
  • 85% of users turn to the social network when they want to start a new project
  • Gen Z users increase 50% every year
  • Generation Y users increase 35% every year

If your business mainly caters to the female market, it is worth analyzing the potential of Pinterest and considering it within your general digital marketing strategy.

Pinterest for businesses: is it for you?
The biggest brands are creating amazing content on Pinterest. Follow their example.

How to use Pinterest for businesses?

To use Pinterest for your business, you need to create a Pinterest for Business account. You can do it by clicking here.

If you already have a Pinterest account you can upgrade to a business one. You will simply have to provide the platform with some basic business information.

This account will give you access to special pin formats to advertise your products, statistical tools to keep track of the performance of your ads and more.

Converting your business pins to ads will help improve brand awareness, boost your sales, and increase your conversions.

According to the platform itself, the success of your strategy is in properly combining organic and paid content.

Create spectacular boards

As we mentioned earlier, Pinterest boards contain relevant pins. Here you should create interesting pins for your audience.

Defining what type of boards are useful for your business depends on its value proposition, as well as the type of products or services it sells. But, we’ll share some board ideas with you:

  • Gift ideas
  • Seasonal fashion
  • Blog posts
  • Interior decoration ideas
  • Content created by your target audience

Don’t forget to give your board an appropriate name, write a suitable description, and choose a category.

Remember to include in the description of your board and in the title the keywords that will attract your target audience.

With these elements, your audience will quickly recognize what the board is about and thus they can share it on other social networks or with other users of the platform.

To add pins to your board you can install the Pinterest search button in your browser (Google, Firefox, etc). This tool will allow you to create pins from your website or any other site.

You just have to click the button, choose an image and add it to the board you wish.

Make sure your pins are attractive

A good pin is one with a good visual quality, that tells a story and that arouses people’s interest.

Luckily, Pinterest already has some great tips to ensure that each of your pins is successful.

We strongly recommend that you read the guide and follow it.

Pinterest for businesses: the place where to
Transform your audience’s interests into business opportunities with Pinterest.

Create Ads with Pinterest for Business

Tell the world what you offer in an original and creative way. Ads for your products can acquire the following formats:

  • Standard (a single vertical or square image)
  • Video
  • Carousel (a group of images that people discover when swiping)
  • Purchase (specific ad to buy the product, with price, availability and more)
  • Collections (mix between lifestyle images and featured products)

The platform allows you to create an ad quickly or in an advanced way. The quick way is to simply convert an organic pin into an ad. You can do it from the app or from your computer.

The advanced way allows you to design and edit campaigns or ad groups, as well as create custom audience targeting. All from an ad manager.

With Pinterest for business, you can set a budget for ads and campaigns. You decide how much to spend and for which actions you want to pay.

The actions or objectives that you can select for your ads are:

  • Increase your audience
    • Reach your potential customers and boost your online presence
  • Generate traffic
    • Get more people to visit your website or ecommerce
  • Generate sales
    • Boost your company’s sales

Analyze your audience and results

Pinterest for Business gives you statistics on your audience, the performance of each of your pins, and detailed statistics on your ads.

You will be able to visualize the engagement of all your pins, know how your audience interacts with your content and which are your most popular pins.

When it comes to information about your audience, you will be able to know who your company reaches and what their interests are.

Also, the platform runs its own academy (in English only). Here you’ll find all the necessary material for you to learn to use the social network for the benefit of your business.

It also provides a support center where it is explained step by step how to use this social network.

Advantages of using Pinterest for business

Semrush lists the main advantages of using this social network for your company:

  • Generate traffic to your website
  • Expand the reach of your posts
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Learn more about your target audience
  • Take advantage of long pin life
    • Unlike other social networks, pins on Pinterest have constant exposure and are not lost among more current posts.
  • Humanize your brand

Pinterest for companies is a great social network with plenty of potential for your business. Analyze the information we have given you here and decide if Pinterest is the channel you were looking for.

Pinterest for businesses as part of your digital strategy

We have given you the basic guide to using Pinterest for businesses, however there are still many more topics to address on the subject.

At NeueStudio we help you integrate this social network into comprehensive digital marketing strategies, because without strategy there is no success. Don’t hesitate to contact us to work together! Visit www.neuestudio.mx