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Marketing de restaurantes: la experiencia CarbónCabrón

Restaurant Marketing: saving the industry

Sergio Enriquez, Co-Founder & Creative Director of NeueStudio, tells us how restaurant marketing applied at CarbónCabrón has been crucial in this uncertain 2020.

That and the certainty that in times of adversity it is a thousand times better to take care, not worry, look for opportunities where they do not exist and adapt to the changing environment.

We share with you this conversation to shed some light on a terrain where the black clouds have not yet completely dispersed, but where – again – there is always room to reinvent and succeed.

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How did NeueStudio get involved in restaurant marketing?

We specialize in restaurant marketing because of the knowledge that I developed as a restaurant entrepreneur and, later, because of the involvement of my family, who are mainly dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industries.

What kind of knowledge was helpful?

  • How to create the concept of a space and a gastronomic offer
  • Know the products and their benefits
  • Build the experiences you want to share with diners

What did NeueStudio do to connect with the industry?

We developed skills and knowledge guides on what is important to highlight in a place dedicated to restoration.

The idea was to build comprehensive experiences: from the physical to the virtual.

The entire virtual experience would be dedicated to communication and, then, the big question that arose was how am I going to communicate visually, textually and soundly the real experience that you are going to live?

We understood that one of the greatest needs was to generate the necessary traffic: that the digital communication culminated in an action, which is the visit to the physical space.

We began to develop content that piqued the interest of audiences and, indeed, generated visits.

To implement it, we involved a large part of the NeueStudio team because this requires creating a guiding concept, a strategy and producing the content.

Restaurant marketing: the perfect partnership between agency and site.
Good communication is born from the excellent partnership between agency and restaurant. Photo: NeueStudio for CarbónCabrón

What are the basics of restaurant marketing?

There is no ABC. There are steps to follow, but each restaurant has its own personality.

The most important thing in this industry is to represent the personality of each place, how? Based on content.

This content can have different characteristics in video, photography and textual content, but good quality should always prevail; This is how we do it at NeueStudio.

Who was your first customer?

We started working with the people who let us work, who trusted us. The first of them was, precisely, chef Poncho Cadena.

He knew we were doing things well, in a well-executed way, and he called us to work at his first restaurant outside of Guadalajara: CarbónCabrón.

We talked to him about budgets and everything had to be based on a good strategy and a good work plan: develop this content and direct it to this target audience.

How has the collaboration worked?

Our first line of communication was: Los Cabos’ best kept secret, because no one knew where it was.

It didn’t have a sign, it wasn’t easy to get to. It was this way before we started working together. So, we generate awareness by asking: “Do you know the best kept secret in Los Cabos?”

We stated: the most important thing in all marketing strategies for restaurants is to personalize the place. You can do it through the team involved or with the character that’s behind it. Here, we take advantage of the personality of chef Poncho Cadena.

The whole narrative consists of talking about the concept, the menu, the service, the space, the people who are involved.

It is up to us to show these benefits, arouse interest and create a need from the mystery or the uncertainty factor.

In the end, these places end up becoming destinations, as my friend Mauricio Lara mentioned in a visit to CarbónCabrón:

“There are places that are destiny, it doesn’t matter where they are, it doesn’t matter that I have to walk up a mountain, because I’ll be there. My destiny is there because they have told me about it ”.

The basis of all this is: you have seen it in the virtual world, they have told you about it and if they have told you about it it is because someone has already lived the experience. From there, they become mandatory destinations.

NeueStudio and CarbónCabrón are partners in the creation of content. Click here and follow them on FB.

How was the pandemic experienced in Los Cabos restaurants?

For everyone it was very difficult because when talking about food distrust grows. The restaurants were closed for months, but by being businessmen, they had money saved up and were reactivated.

But CarbónCabrón and NeueStudio understood that reactivating is not only opening but handling it.

How did they handle it?

CarbónCabrón moved the local economy. We had many meetings and Chef Poncho said “we are going to cook all the food in our restaurant with local ingredients. We are going to buy all the local vegetables, buy from the local meat distributor and the local fishermen ”.

This came to endorse CarbónCabrón’s tagline: “The Californias grill”.

Now they are producing events and generating buzz. Creating what does not happen elsewhere.

Also, as in Los Cabos it is difficult because there are no tourists, they are dedicated to local tourism. They took care of having more attractive prices and cooler experiences.

What did NeueStudio do?

We had to do more, with a better use of creativity and strategy. We communicate how we are supporting the local economy and maintaining the same workforce.

We communicate in a much more attractive tone for locals in order to create loyal customers and awaken a sense of belonging.

Is this experience replicable?

It can be replicated in any city and place, but it is important to show what this industry is doing to guarantee diner safety, how they handle the product, how they support the economy and how they have taken extreme care of sanitary precautions.

Marketing ideas for restaurants

Here we leave you a summary converted into tips that you can implement starting tomorrow to consolidate your business in this new reality.

  • Reframe your gastronomic proposal.
  • Consume and sell locally.
  • Enhance the diner experience: make them feel safe and cared for, have the best service while they are there, make them feel pampered.
  • Have greater visibility in the virtual world so that people know all about your latest innovations. Put a face on your restaurant (a character that represents it) and communicate its benefits.
  • Adapt to all changes and needs.
  • Make a perfect partnership with your marketing agency because what it communicates is a real, living and tangible experience in your restaurant.