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Vender por Whatsapp: la oportunidad de oro

Selling on Whatsapp: Go For it!

Your business has everything it takes to sell on Whatsapp and grow. Consumers love to use this channel for transactional uses and you can’t ignore it.

You might be thinking, “NeueStudio, a digital marketing agency, advises me to sell on Whatsapp? What about social media?”

The truth is that you have to consider every tool in order to establish valuable links to your market, especially when these tools are likely to be preferred by your segment.

Two billion people around the world use Whatsapp for chatting, sharing information, and more often, for purchasing, making reservations, and ordering from home.

Whatsapp is the biggest player in the instant messaging field –it’s part of Facebook’s apps family–, but there are users who prefer the Telegram or Messenger services. Which of them are used by your clients?

Answer the question. Then, define the instant messaging service that better fits your business. Once you do this, you may consider selling on Whatsapp or any other messaging apps in a serious manner.

What do you recommend for selling on Whatsapp?

As we said before, marketing employs all the existing tools and connects them strategically to reach certain objectives.

The highest purpose is to build strong relationships between your business and your clients, so they are more likely to purchase once, repeat the experience, and recommend you to others.

By this logic, selling on Whatsapp is a specific goal under the umbrella of the highest purpose where it coexists with other business objectives.

Selling on Whatsapp is a SMART goal, so it is:

  • Specific: because what is expected to be achieved through this channel is clear.
  • Measurable: once you can count the number of conversations and closed sales.
  • Achievable: Whatsapp is a tool in the reach of everybody.
  • Relevant: selling is a priority for any business.
  • Time-Bound: you decide when it’s good to measure the results.
Selling on Whatsapp represents a huge opportunity for your business.
Take advantage of chats as great channels for customer service and sales.

First recommendation

Connect Whatsapp with the rest of your marketing tools, boost the conversations with your clients on IM services, and advertise your Whatsapp number on your social media. Make it loud.

In Social media advertising, do I have to pay?, we wrote about campaign goals, a crucial aspect on Facebook Ads. 

Invest on Facebook and let the platform help you increase the number of conversations you have on Messenger or Whatsapp.

The campaign goals indicate to Facebook what you are expected to achieve with advertising and how you are going to measure the success of a bid: more clicks, more likes, or more conversations on your IM channels.

If selling on Whatsapp is what you want, allocate a part of your social media budget towards the promotion of IM conversations.

Second recommendation

Hire a service like Hey! Center

Hey! Center is a software that amplifies the functionality of Whatsapp’s API, that is:

  • It allows several people to answer incoming messages at the same time from the same Whatsapp number.
  • It makes it possible to connect a dashboard where messages coming from all IM services are collected. Here is where you can find your customer services and sales statistics.
  • It uses bots and virtual assistants that respond automatically and even guide your customers through the first steps of the sales process.

Hey! Center boosts your brand’s potential to become a leader in the new era of customer service and sales via instant messaging.

Big companies in Latin America as Telcel, Sigma Alimentos, Liverpool, among many others are using Hey! Center to assist thousands of clients every day.

Hey! Center will be launching a new product which specializes in Whatsapp sales for small businesses.

Get in touch with Hey! and subscribe to be one of the first people to enjoy this new incredible solution made for selling on Whatsapp!