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Publicidad en redes sociales: ¿cómo te ayuda a alcanzar tus objetivos?

Social media advertising: to pay or not to pay?

Surely you know more than one entrepreneur who wants to impact a million people in the digital field without paying for advertising on social networks.

Are you one of them? Excuse me, but it’s time for you to change that mindset. Starting today, allocate some budget for Facebook Ads, and depending on your business, the options for paid Twitter and Linkedin campaigns.

Why? Because no brand or business obtains significant results in terms of digital reputation and sales based on only publishing, no matter how constant it is.

It is also not helpful to share your business posts with friends, hoping that they will replicate them so much that your messages will go viral. More so after the Facebook algorithm changes implemented a few years ago.

You are going to say: of course there are publications that go viral without a single penny. Sure, but it doesn’t happen every day and, although it may not seem like it, behind many of the posts that reach millions (especially if they belong to brands) there is paid advertising.

Well, the goal is not to make you spend for the sake of it, even less in these tough times! But to give you guidance on when it is good to advertise on Facebook to boost your presence on the internet.

When to pay for advertising on social networks?

Before answering, it must be said that the success of a business or a brand on the internet depends on many factors.

If the value proposition is unclear, for example, the startup is likely to fail even when paying for advertising on social media.

In general, the best performing brands and businesses in the digital world combine both paid and free digital marketing strategies very well.

What are the free strategies? Among them we there are:

With the above efforts, you don’t need to pay the platforms anything, although you do need to invest time and some money in planning, writing, creating databases, developing delightful graphic content and much more.

There are some who only advertise this way and it is great, but the truth is that at some point, it is impossible to become memorable for the target audience without ads on social networks.

Let’s be honest, Facebook, Instagram and all the social networks you know were created for brands to buy advertising and users to consume it.

The truth is that once you pay, the networks provide you with the market segments you are looking for, tailor-made and very well located.

This is possible thanks to the data on preferences, routines, locations and friendships that millions of people provide every day.

Advertising your brand on social media, reach the right audience.
Advertising on social media is an excellent way to reach your target audience.

What do you get when you invest in advertising?

A lot. The truth is, you can reach your business goals faster through effective Facebook advertising.

In fact, in this network your investment in ads is determined by the objectives that it suggests, but that you choose depending on what you want to achieve. Look:

Brand recognition

When your business is new or your brand is starting to advertise itself, Facebook helps you place it in front of the eyes of people who will take better advantage of your value proposition from now on.


Instead of pretending that your content reaches many people by “word of mouth”, launch an ad with this objective and Facebook will help you spread the message as much as the size of your target audience and your budget.


If you have a new website or want to get more subscribers to your landing page, put your money into this objective and send Facebook and Instagram users there. It is also useful if you want more WhatsApp or Messenger messages from potential customers.

Interaction with a post

Do you want your audience to like or comment on your star post, or do you want more people to attend an event? Use this objective. Why pay for likes? Because it improves the social recognition of the post in front of others: “if many like it, it must be good.”

App installations

Does your business have an app? Let Facebook help you streamline downloads. Be persuasive with your message and make it clear to your recipients what the benefits are of having them carry you every day on their phone.

Video views

The objective is very clear: if you create incredible audiovisual material about your business, why limit its dissemination to your group of friends? Pay for this goal and capture the attention of consumers that your business requires.

Lead generation

Give free book downloads, free consultations or product trials to people who fill out the form that Facebook presents to the desired audience each time you use this goal.


If your business is doing super well with chat sales, create ads based on this goal and get more people ready to start the conversation on Messenger or Whatsapp.


Use this objective to motivate sales or subscriptions among people who know your brand or business very well and who only need a “push” to acquire what you offer.

Catalog Sales

Do you have a store on Facebook? Promote your products among the people likely to buy them.

Store visits

Have network users go to your physical store once the pandemic passes. Although the results are difficult to measure because it is an offline action, there are countless ways to know how and why your customers got there.

What do you think now?

2020 made us think about our expenses: we are more careful. However, advertising on social media is an investment that generates more income.

But you have to invest well. If you have questions or require the services of a digital marketing agency, you can always count on NeueStudio. Yes sir!