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Nuevo Google Analytics: más y mejores herramientas para tu negocio

The new Google Analytics: get used to the change.

The new Google Analytics, or Google Analytics 4, promises a future filled with good news for everyone who is interested in improving their project and business performance vía data analysis.

You can start right now what the evolution of this tool is by following step by step the configuration assistant of the new generation of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics 4 promises to help you increase your return on investment in marketing in the long term by offering increasingly valuable information about the customer journey of users and the points where they establish contact with your digital assets.

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and data analysis beginners had an approach to the new Google Analytics through the App + Web property available in beta version in Universal Analytics since 2019.

Since October 2020 GA4 has come to stay. Although it allows you to get to know it little by little and step by step, it will soon become the norm.

The foregoing will entail a series of changes regarding the way Google collects user data and the integration of relevant functions for the businesses. All of this is detailed below.

New Google Analytics: you have to try it!

The fundamentals of the new Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is built with machine learning and artificial intelligence that allow developing predictions and insights focused on the user and their contact points.

The new Google Analytics will help us to understand much better what the consumer journey is like (customer journey) through different devices: how do visitors reach your digital assets, how do they become leads, how do you retain them?

GA4, according to Google, is a tool that will grow hand in hand with businesses until it reaches a point, in the near future, when it will be able to collect information with or without the use of cookies. Something that Google Chrome promised to eliminate in 2022.

The properties of Google Analytics 4 give us a glimpse to where the new paths of web analytics and digital marketing will lead. 

These new features offer high-value indicators to understand how potential clients engage with our businesses in the digital field and how different platforms and media contribute.

GA4: The future is here

With the new Google Analytics we are entering an era of web analytics where regulations on the treatment of information and user privacy will have greater significance.

The collection of user data through cookies is reaching a time of change and we will soon see the arrival of new technologies in this area.

At the same time, the amount of data generated at different contact points (landing pages, websites, ads on social networks, etc.) grows exponentially.

Therefore, companies – from the smallest to the multinationals – invest more money in data analysis and require centralized tools to keep track of their digital efforts and measure results.

This is where Google Analytics 4 has its strengths.

The new Google Analytics, the start of a new era

What you’ll find in the new Google Analytics

As soon as I entered GA4 I was surprised by the new interface and the report options menu. But the most relevant improvements are in the following functions:

Editing and synthesis of events

It allows you to modify and collect new events and conversions without writing code. This can be done from the GA4 properties user interface.

This is something that Google Tag Manager used to be involved in before and that was not known by many involved in marketing.

Import data

This advanced feature will expand the flexibility to introduce custom dimensions and metrics to GA4, relevant to different marketing efforts and specific to each business.

Cross-Domain Measurement

If your consumer’s journey has different stops across multiple properties or domains, you can now link them directly from the GA4 user interface.

Life Cycle Reporting

A new way of presenting user analysis reports that, personally, I find better synthesized and easily accessible.

Ecommerce reporting

An increasingly used and demanded tool in recent years that helps online store owners to read and present their reports highlighting their relationship with the business sales funnel.

This feature is taken to another level by the Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics tool.

Migration Tools

Allow users to get started with the new GA4 property in just a few clicks; as well as an assistant for its configuration.

Try the new Google Analytics now

It took you awhile to understand Google Analytics and now they’ve changed the format. But this is not so bad, Universal Analytics will coexist with the new model for some time until the consolidation of GA4 is complete.

For now, you can try and see how you feel with a new way of accessing information; step by step more functions will be integrated that, as it seems, will become more and more intuitive.

If you have doubts or need support in the analysis of the data that your business generates, you can always trust NeueStudio. We are here to help you.