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Crear contenido de calidad en tus redes es la mejor forma de posicionar tu marca

Tips for creating quality social media content

We’ve already talked about the importance of social networks for your business or company, how to find your target audience and how to create a content calendar (read all the entries here).

But we still haven’t talked about a crucial aspect: how to create quality content? In this post, we will give you the best tips so that your content is always successful.

Creating quality content should help you to boost your brand's identity.
The content should help you to boost your brand’s identity.

The importance of quality content

We might think that with just sharing on our social media what we think will work best is enough.

But it is not like that, in order for you to attract and keep the attention of your audience, it is necessary that your content be attractive and provide important information about your products or services.

Think of the social networks of your favorite brand. Note that there is a certain level of quality in their visual content as well as consistent language in all of their posts. This helps grab your audience’s interest and create engagement.

This consistency is called brand identity. Maintaining the same language, style and quality of visuals creates and strengthens this aspect. This is necessary so that your audience can always identify your and have a positive opinion about your brand or business.

If you don’t create this brand identity, your audience will hardly be able to get a clear picture of what you sell or the services you offer. The audience could pick up on your insecurity and choose to go to your competition.

Therefore, we offer you these tips to make sure that you create quality content and generate brand identity.

Tips for creating quality content

Content that informs

You shouldn’t create content just for the sake of it. In your social networks, you must share quality content that informs your audience.  

Talk about your products or services, promotions and discounts; promote the values of your business, or provide advice related to your industrial sector.

Your audience wants to receive relevant and useful information. Make sure you do it in a concrete way.

We know that on social media people pay more attention to visuals than to text. For this reason, the copy that accompanies your publication must be short and concise. Here are some ideas for content that you can create.

Quality Visuals

Let’s be honest, when we are in a social network we pay more attention to videos and photographs, and very rarely we read the text that accompanies the publication. This is why audiovisual content is so important when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience.

Although it sounds obvious, make sure your images and videos are always sharp. No one will pay attention to your post if it contains a blurry image. Check if your audiovisual content can be seen clearly both on the computer and on the cell phone.

When designing images with text to advertise a discount, promotion, or new product, don’t use too many colors or too much text overlay.

Limit your advertising to the color palette of your brand and preserve the uniformity of colors throughout all your publications.

On the superimposed text: remember that social networks rate excess very badly. The text can occupy at most 20% of the surface of the image that will be advertised.

Keep a similar aesthetic in all your images. This will help your audience to identify you easily. Always use the same typeface, a similar arrangement of the elements within the image, and as we already mentioned, the same colors.

If you promote a product, make sure it’s the star of your image. Eliminate objects that take the attention off it. Remember that lighting is key.

If you are going to share a video, in addition to lighting, check the audio quality.

Identifiable voice

Identify the voice of your brand, perhaps, if it is not very serious, you can use colloquial language. On the contrary, if your business is aimed at entrepreneurs, you should use their slang.

It is important that this language is uniform in all your publications, and never neglect your spelling, it must be impeccable so that it generates confidence.

Succesful quality content

By following these tips, your content will be high quality and you will be able to attract and maintain the attention of your audience. You will also create and strengthen your brand identity. Need help? At NeueStudio we have all the tools to help you out. Contact us!