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Tools to work online, because work never ends

Why working online is important

Doing Home Office or working at a distance gives us not only a more flexible way of working but a great and efficient alternative when we are struck by external issues we don’t have control of. In this blog entry, we will give you some tips, that have worked well for us, and we hope will work for you too.

Working remotely can be a huge change for our colleagues, and it especially represents a challenge for those that are not used to handling electronic tools. Even so, there are many excellent tools for your team to work remotely in a collaborative environment.

In NeueStudio we know how important maintaining continuous communication is, and that is why we choose Telegram as our preferred communication channel. Telegram is a safe messaging app that is very efficient and safe as it encrypts all messages. This lets us communicate and share all types of documents easily and without risk. It is also a great app as it lets you share videos and images in full resolution, not like other apps that compress your files. To use the app more efficiently we recommend creating a main channel or group with all your work colleagues for general messages. Then creating small messaging groups by work teams, which will help your main channel not get saturated.

Apart from a messaging platform, it is also very important to have an online workspace where all the information is stored. For this, we use the G Suite. A Google service for businesses that lets you use their cloud via company email. With this, your work team will be able to access all the company information via their business email. The G Suite cloud includes many essential tools to successfully work online: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet, and many others. These tools can be used simultaneously to collaborate on different tasks, the only thing needed is a connection to the internet. 

With Google Drive, you can upload and organize all work information. It lets you store any type of document in its highest quality: videos, photos, audios, text documents, pdfs, and more. In NeueStudio we organize our information on different folders by brand we work with. This helps us find the information we need easy and fast. It also lets you create documents, presentations, and more, in which colleagues can work together at the same time. And you don’t have to fear for the loss of information because it is always connected to the internet and automatically saves every change you make. Google Drive is the perfect collaborative workspace because all the information that is stored or created on it can be seen and edited by any other colleague.

The next tools is Gmail, a tool that lets us professionally communicate with our clients via business email. With this, we have control of the official messages we send and receive. At par with Gmail, Google Calendar lets you easily schedule meetings and invite all the people involved.

Google Calendar is a smart calendar where you can schedule your activities by day and hour, as well as group activities or meetings with group calendars. When you schedule a team meeting each involved person will receive a notification about the meeting, and it will automatically be added to their calendar as well as to the group calendar. This way your colleagues won’t have an excuse to miss an important meeting.

Google Calendar also works with Google Meet, a video conferencing app that allows you to integrate a video calling link to the meeting you scheduled. With this feature, any work colleague can join the meeting by just clicking the link on their calendar or email. For NeueStudio Google Meet has given us a great video calling channel that allows us not only to communicate internally but with our clients. It is great that we can invite others to join the call with just one link, it eliminates the confusion and loss of time that other apps may bring when trying to use.

All the G Suite tools are friendly and easy to use, and this is why we choose them as the best tools to work collaboratively and simultaneously remotely. Plus you don’t have to worry about the security of your information because G Suite is protected with its centralized administration control. This means that there is only one console with the access and control of the users, groups, and devices.

Working online becomes easier with these tools. We invite you to use them to keep the best productivity even when working from afar. Do you have any questions about this or any other marketing-related topic? We are here to answer your questions and comments!