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Mailchimp es una herramienta completa para trabajar con tu embudo de marketing

Win your clients love with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is more than emailing. Mailchimp is a huge marketing tool you have to use in order to be closer and closer to your customers.

How does Mailchimp work? Mailchimp operates as a central platform where you can create customer lists, send mass emails on a regular basis, post and create ad campaigns on social media, design landing pages, and more recently, build and publish websites. 

In other words: Mailchimp is the ideal tool to holistically (because Mailchimp promotes that users work with multiple digital channels) build and consolidate your brand with your audience, aligned with your sales funnel. Working with Mailchimp is, even, fun!

Mailchimp is a digital marketing tool very useful for small and medium businesses.
Mailchimp brings the digital marketing tools the major companies use to the small and medium sized businesses.

Mailchimp, how to use it?

Use Mailchimp alongside your marketing funnel. Use it continuously and persistently. First, you’ll want to take advantage of its free features, and later you should try its paid solutions.

Build an audience

If you own a store or a yoga training school, make events where the attendants subscribe voluntarily using their email. Check first if there are no gathering restrictions due to the pandemic situation.

On the other hand, if you have an eCommerce, create promotions, pre-sales and giveaways so that you can ask the people interested in it for their email address and other information. If you run a cake shop, asking their birthday even seems logical. 

Create another list of the clients who have purchased in your stores and online store, also add the leads who called or sent messages asking about your products or services, but haven’t purchased anything yet.

Always ask people if they want to subscribe and receive messages on behalf of your business. Once you have their permission to be added to your list (audience in Mailchimp), assure them you and your business will use the information responsibly and safely.

You now have your first audience. Store it on Mailchimp. Use tags in order to recognize where and how every member of your audience subscribed: “hairdressing store’s clients”, “online store’s shampoo buyers”, etc.

Send tips and good news by email

Keep your audience updated. When Mailchimp was born in 2001, it was a platform for mass email delivery and only that. Nowadays, it’s still great for it. 

You’re able to deliver updates and promotions, tips, recipes, and tools thanks to this feature.

Mailchimp recommends that you set up a regularity that fits with your audience: you don’t want your messages to fill up your contact’s inbox, but you also don’t want them to be absent.

Depending on your strategy and the place your contacts are in the marketing funnel, you can expect different actions from them. Some of these actions add value to your brand (it earns recognition), some others could push on closing several sales (for example, your contacts redeem a discount code to buy your new season’s honey).

Go for new friends

Mailchimp is now a marketing hub. In it, you can create forms and landing pages. These tools are great for growing your database or audience. 

These forms can be embedded directly into your website or can be uploaded to your social media accounts where you can catch new subscribers. Landing pages, as you know, are published on the web so the recipients of your social media campaigns and activations get there, subscribe or buy a product.

You are also able to create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns from Mailchimp. It lets you generate a lookalike audience based on the profiles of your original list. 

Mailchimp allows you to create lists on a daily basis using information from your store’s transactions.
Mailchimp integrates with your online store so you can create lists using information from your customer’s transactions.

Make your debut on marketing automation

Automated messages, ads, and emails are the crown jewel of digital marketing, especially, of the marketing operated through platforms such as Mailchimp.

If a flight company sends you an email each time you don’t complete a ticket purchase and leave your e-commerce cart, your little business can do the same with its clients.

With automation, Mailchimp sends messages to potential buyers who don’t complete their purchase, but it also sends product recommendations and shipping status notifications to those who have just bought items from your online store.

Thanks to these features, Mailchimp becomes an excellent ally on the development of retargeting and remarketing campaigns. It shows your ads to the individuals who have visited one of your digital channels: Mailchimp has Facebook and Google integration. It is an optimal tool to reinforce the relationship between you and the people who have made favorable actions for your business. 

Mailchimp uses triggers for automation. Knowing how to manipulate them is a matter of time and practice; after a while, you will able to work with as if it was magic.

How to begin with Mailchimp?

Learn how to use Mailchimp, right now. There are a lot of online courses. Mailchimp itself has a resources area with enough material.

If you feel better learning with the guidance of a teacher, Doméstika has the right course for you: Introducción al e-mail marketing con Mailchimp. Néstor Tejero, a Mailchimp expert is in charge of it. 

There are some people, like Alejandro Elizondo, NeueStudio’s CEO, who prefer Linkedin Learning. If you are one of those, this platform showcases a Mailchimp’s Essentials course and has 87 videos dedicated to specific subjects like creating a first audience, audience segmentation, and how to write automation instructions. 

Learn wherever and whenever you want to, but use the Mailchimp benefits for your business. The platform makes available the marketing tools that major corporations use to small and medium sized businesses.